Ball valve systems

Rötelmann’s range includes a wide selection of shut-off blocks for liquid and lubricating media for upstream switching before working cylinders and for shutting off and shorting cylinder lines.

The units are easy to use and can be installed quickly. Thanks to their intelligent design, fewer pipe connections are required. Because the valves interlock among themselves, they prevent pressure transmission in the working cylinder.

Our sandwich panel enables valves to be replaced quickly and without complications. They are screwed to the control block, blocking all the control unit’s channels if required. In this way, a way valve can be replaced without loss or release of pressure and without affecting the other controllers in the same block. During normal operation, all channels are open. The key is removable, preventing unauthorised activation. This operating principle reduces downtime in the event of faults or during maintenance work, and also makes startup easier, as no fluids need to be drained and refilled. Similarly, there is also no need to vent the system.

Thanks to their modular construction, our accumulator safety blocks with integrated 2/2, 3/2 or 3/5-way ball valves are particularly economical and user friendly when it comes to protecting, shutting off and discharging hydraulic pressure accumulators. If required, we can supply your accumulator safety blocks with additional electromagnetic discharge and fit each enclosure with the necessary connectors.

Product features

  • Shut-off blocks with integrated bypass and safety-lock
  • Sandwich plates
  • Accumulator safety blocks
    • with integrated 2-way ball valve type RSA
    • with integrated 3-way ball valve type RSK
    • with integrated 3-way ball valve type RSM