Desiccant breathers LEF

LEF desiccant breathers combine tank ventilation, humidity absorption and cleaning of the inflowing air in one unit.

  • Refillable with separately available desiccant „EG“
  • Easy disposal of desiccant in the household waste
  • No content of any hazardous material according to EG directive 99/45/EC and 2001/60/EC
  • Easy capacity control of the desiccant by colour changing from red to orange
  • Easy replacement of the air filter cartridge
  • Reduction of oxidation inside the hydraulic system
  • Service life extension of oil and machinery
  • Available incl. adapter plates „A“ and dust indicator „VA“
  • Materials: stainless steel (inner tube), SAN (body), ZR-Gel 3 – 6 mm (desiccant)
  • Fluid compability:
    • Mineral oil: OK
    • H, HL, HLP, HVLP: OK
    • HEES (Synt. Ester): OK
    • For other fluids please contact HBE

Dust indicator „VA“

  • Is being mounted on the adapter plate
  • Displays the contamination level of the air filter
  • After changing the air filter cartridge, the dust indicator is reusable by pressing the RESET button

Adapter plate „A“

  • Allows a direct mounting on existing connections
  • Connection possibilities for dust indicator as well as suction and return lines
  • Material: plastics
  • Plug, O-ring and Allen screws are included