10 years of E Fluid Technology: Anniversary celebration in Sanya

E Fluid Technology celebrated the 10th anniversary of the company in Sanya in spring 2024. Since its foundation in 2014, the team has overcome numerous challenges together. The anniversary celebration provided an opportunity to recognise the contributions of all employees.

The managing directors, Ekaterini Alexiadou and Stefan Bensching, travelled to Sanya together with the entire team. The Managing Director of Echterhage Holding, Sebastian Janik, and the Business Development Manager, Nadine Krumreich, also took part in the celebration.

The event took place on the beach in Sanya, where the team enjoyed a delicious buffet accompanied by the sound of the sea and a gentle breeze. The celebrations opened with a toast from Ms. Alexiadou and Mr. Janik, focusing on the well-being and future of the company. During the four-day event, employees had the opportunity to relax and strengthen their team spirit.

Published: June, 06 2024