A cold snap can't stop the enthusiasm of sports

In the morning of December 1, E Fluid Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Borussia Mönchengladbach (Shanghai) Sport Development Co. Ltd held a unique sports activity in Hongmei Primary School in Minhang District, Shanghai. As the sponsor of this event, E Fluid Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. donated a number of sports equipment including soccer balls, volleyballs, badminton and sports mats to the children of Hongmei Primary School. 

Three professional soccer coaches from Borussia Mönchengladbach led the children to run together on the playground. Although the temperature outside was low, every participating kids had a great time and really experienced the joy which the soccer brings to people.

The education for young people should be based on the principle of "civilization of the spirit and savagery of the body", and we hope that more children can get out of the classroom and run freely on the playground. As a company of German origin, E Fluid not only provides high quality fluid products for the Chinese market, but also is willing to take on various social responsibilities and do its part in the sports education in China. 

Published: December, 20 2022