NEW - Converter

The IO.flow® converter allows an easy integration of all VSE flow meters into IO-Link systems.

The pulse signals of the preamplifier are measured with high precision by the module and converted into flow and volume values. This data is forwarded to the automation system by the IO-Link master. The result is a smart volume measuring device, which is either available as a complete system or can be integrated into existing systems as an upgrade/add-on.

In addition to digital process data, the plug'n'play module also provides maintenance and diagnostic data. The IO.flow® converters are ideally ordered directly in combination with the paired flow meter. The required operating parameters and identification data can then be configured by VSE so that the system is directly ready for operation.

Technical highlights

  • Accurate and simultaneous measurement of flow and volume
  • Compact cartridge module with M12 connectors
  • Aluminium housing suitable for oily environments
  • High communication rate: COM3 (230.4 kBit/s)
  • Integrated linearization function (flow/volume)
  • Configurable signal filters (dynamic/smooth), pulse filter
  • Statistical functions (operating hours, total volume)
  • Events (limit values with optional teach function)
  • Easy exchange of devices via data storage