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Besides sales, we provide quality of service to our customers. Do you need support? Send an e-mail to or give us a call at +86 (0) 21 / 6477 9206 and we will immediately give you advice.

Do you have a query, would you like to obtain a quotation or do you require assistance? Our team is available to advise you personally, by telephone or by e-mail.

Our team


Ekaterini Alexiadou
Legal Representative

Stefan Bensching
General Manager

Management Assistant

Sharon Tang
Purchasing & Assistant


Flyem Lai
Sales Manager

Roy Ren
Sales Manager

Business Development

Michael Yang
Business Development & Sales Manager

Technical Support

Felix Fei
Technical Support

Kevin Chen
Technical Support

Zaid Zou
Service Engineer


Fiona Wei

Cyan Chu
Accounting Assistant

Order processing

Chris Jiang
Sales Support

Jack Jiang
Order Processing


Guard dog in training

Fu Gui