Swivel drives

Rötelmann GmbH is the first company in the world to manufacture and sell its own valves for hydraulic systems and hydraulic swivel drives.

The RSI range integrates perfectly into all possible systems. With our products, steplessly adjustable home position and the possibility to adjust the stop position by ±10% is standard. On top of this come functions such as countless flange/coupling combinations, optional end position damping plus a wide selection of connection threads that open up even more potential applications.

With our hydraulic products too, we make the same high demands regarding our products’ flexibility and functioning: We have a comprehensive range of modules. An emergency hand pump and comprehensive switching options are a matter of course. With a linear pressure/torque ratio, the drives can be used at any operating pressure up to 3045 psi.

Product features

  • Available in steel, stainless steel and other materials
  • Torque up to 4000 Nm
  • Adjustable overall rotation angle of 90°±10%
  • Couplings from L09 to W60 and flanges from F05 to F16, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 5211, are all available
  • Position detection possible using accessories that comply with DIN EN 15714-1
  • Modular accessories with function blocks, such as for example emergency hand pump
  • Assembly in any position, prepared for end stop damping